Devices At Dunstan

All students at Dunstan are strongly encouraged to bring a fully charged device with at least a 7" screen and keyboard with them to school every day.

The specific impact of the district's new TechForEd initiative on Dunstan will be worked through as the initiative moves forward but, for this school year, Dunstan will remain a BYOD school.  This means that school-owned devices will continue to be loaned only to students in-need. 

Lenovo Accidental Damage Protection
Accidental damage protection is available for purchase only for Lenovo Chromebooks purchased through Dunstan this school year (2019-2020)

Connecting Devices to Jeffco's
Instructional Network

Password Management
Damaged Device: 
Complete the Repair Authorization Form (print at home or access on board outside the library) and return it, signed by a parent/guardian, with the broken device to Ms. Dolan in the library.  (Current pricing can be found on the board outside the library.  Make sure to account for both the price of the repair as well as labor costs.)


Troubleshooting First Steps

Step 2:
Troubleshooting Chrome Devices

Steps 3-5:
Steps 3-5 Troubleshooting

 Additional Resources 
                           Student, Family, and Community Technical Resources
If interested in a loaner device for the 2019-2020 school year, families must complete a Meal Benefits Application and be approved for the program.  After receiving confirmation of approval for the program (via email or through the USPS), please visit Mrs. Wilmes in the main office with proof of approval. She will add your name to the list.  Within 2-3 days of notifying Mrs. Wilmes (in the main office) of the approval, the qualifying student will be issued a loaner device to take to and from school for the school year.)  This is first come first serve until all loaner devices have been issued. If you have questions, please contact Dunstan's main office.

1.  Only devices purchased or issued through Dunstan are supported or repaired by Jeffco. (Print out the Repair Authorization Form  or pick up from on the board outside Dunstan's library or main office and return it completed and signed by the parent/guardian with the device needing to be repaired to Ms. Dolan in the library.  Parent/Guardian signatures are required on this form.) 

FYI- Repair processes have changed this year so the turn around time for warrantied repairs is expected to be 5-7 days.
FYI- While the device is out for repair, your student will need to use what's available to them in the building.  
NEW- Loaner devices will not be issued unless warrantied repairs take longer than 7 school days.
FYI- Accidental damage repairs could take longer because it depends on part availability.  Loaners are not issued when the device is out for accidental damage repairs regardless of how long the process takes.

Only devices purchased or issued through Dunstan are able to be monitored (using LanSchool) during the school day.  This ensures both the safety and integrity of your student while working online during school hours.  

Monitoring device usage outside the instructional day is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the student. 

Educational applications/tools are only pushed from the district to devices purchased or issued through Dunstan.

NEW Families who purchase a device through Dunstan in 2019-2020 may also purchase additional damage coverage directly through the Chromebook vendor AFTER devices have been received and distributed to students.  Information can be found here.  *This additional coverage does not cover devices that are lost or stolen.

Cell Phones:

-They're a great way to stay in contact with others but they cannot be used to complete classroom tasks during the instructional day.
-If the attention of a student is on their phone, they are missing out on instruction, support, and collaboration time with others.
-Students who need to use their cell phone for any reason during class time MUST get explicit permission from a school staff member each time.

Discouraged Devices:

-The following devices are great for personal use but they don't work with the various learning management systems being used to support instruction and work completion here at Dunstan.  Please leave these devices at home:
        -iPad                   -Nook              -eReader
        -Nintendo DS       -Kindle             -Playstation Portable PSP

TechForEdThanks to the 5A mill levy override passing last November, Jeffco is able to move forward with a 1:1 learning device program throughout the entire district starting in the 2019-2020 school year. The goal of this program is to create an equitable and sustainable model for technology-enabled classrooms that prepare students to thrive in a digitally connected world.

Starting this school year (2019-2020), each Jeffco student entering 5th and 9th grade will receive a district 1:1 learning device and a protective case at the cost of $50 per year. Each student will keep their device for the next four years to customize and enhance their learning at school and at home. (Each school will determine whether these will be kept year round or collected each spring and re-distributed in the fall.)  This implementation process will continue for the next four years until all 5th-12th grade students in Jeffco have district 1:1 learning devices.

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